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The role of hops brewing equipment

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The role of hops brewing equipment

Release date:2016-10-19 Author:湯宸機械 Click:

Hops has a great influence on the beer brewing, add significant importance hops brewing beer. The main components of the hop with alpha and beta acid, hop oil and polyphenols substances such as. Not only has the ability to sterilization antisepsis and clarify the wort, at the same time give special fragrance and pleasant bitter taste to beer.

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Hops in the beer production process, not only can extract the macromolecular material, but also have the effect of antiseptic, effectively prolong beer storage time, suitable for long time storage and long distance transportation. Brewing hop on active ingredients include: hop oil and polyphenols hop bitterness substances and hops.

1, hop oil, hop contains 0. 5% ~ 2. The hop oil of 0%. Its composition is very complicated. Minimal hop oil solubility, easy to volatilize, easy oxidation. Hop oil mainly of terpene hydrocarbons and oxygen compounds and trace amounts of sulfur compounds, etc. Most hop hop oil not easily soluble in water and wort, oil in wort boiling or hot, cold sludge separation process is separated out. Although hop oil rarely preserved in the beer, but it is the main source of aroma hops in beer.

2, hop bitter substances, the bitter taste of beer and anticorrosion ability mainly by the bitterness substances in hop of alpha and beta acid - acid.
Alpha acid also called ketone of humulus scandens, itself has a bitter taste and anticorrosion ability, easy isomerization in weak base solution into different alpha acid (isomerization rate was 40% ~ 60%). Different alpha acid solubility in the wort is much bigger than alpha acid, has strong bitter taste, anti-corrosion ability is higher than that of alpha acid, is the main source of bitter taste of beer.

Beta acid is also called the hops, solubility is small, bitter and anticorrosion ability than alpha acid, beta acid has certain inhibition ability of gram positive bacteria and negative bacteria.


Alpha and beta acid - acid easily oxidized into soft hard resin, resin and hard resin without any value in beer brewing.

3, hop polyphenols, hop containing 4% ~ 10% of the polyphenols, mainly anthocyanins, anthocyanin and tannins, anthocyanins accounted for 80%. Hop the polyphenol content is much higher than the polyphenols content in barley, is affecting the flavor of beer and the main components of the beer turbid. Hop polyphenols in wort boiling with precipitation in the role of the protein, but the precipitation in the wort cooling, fermentation, and filtration after bottling is continuing, which can lead to beer turbid. So hop polyphenols in beer is both advantageous one side, also has the downside, need to control well in production.

Hops in beer production, add six over one thousand of the total extract of quantity, and the proportion of fragrant flowers and flowers to suffering for 1 to 2. Wort in the process of boiling, generally divided into two times to add, add a bitter after boiling for 10 minutes, ten minutes before the end of boiling add fragrant flowers.

Fragrant flowers storage environment generally low temperature drying conditions, general use end are stored in the refrigerator, storage temperature of 0 to 4 degrees Celsius, if placed in the air, hop is easy to oxidation, and lose hop, so the storage environment must be strictly controlled.