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How to adjust equipment beer wort cooling temperature

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How to adjust equipment beer wort cooling temperature

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Save the temperature of beer, generally between 0-12 ℃ for appropriate, cooked beer temperature between 4 ℃, 20 ℃, average retention period for two months. Save the beer place to keep the shady, cool, clean, health, temperature is unfavorable and exorbitant, and avoid direct light. To reduce the vibration frequency, in order to avoid turbid phenomenon. Don't place high temperature places: beer is a very sensitive drinks, due to excessive buy beer and drink too fast, it's best to place the shade or freezer for preservation. Dark: normally, the color of the beer bottles are brown or green, with brown or green beer bottles main purpose is, on the one hand, makes people feel relaxed and harmonious atmosphere, on the other hand, the color also can be a very good cover light, reduce photosynthesis, which can keep the quality of beer.

How to adjust equipment beer wort cooling temperature

A beer brewing, the wort cooling temperature should be relatively fixed. But in actual production, due to the performance of wort, yeast, fermentation technology, product variety, production season and the influence of factors such as equipment week, need to make appropriate adjustment of wort cooling temperature. So how to adjust the beer equipment cooling temperature. Wort cooling, in general, low temperature, yeast fermentation speed, fermentation for a long time, but the fermentation process is easy to control, the fermentation is stable, good yeast precipitation, refreshing and soft in beer tastes, the beer foam performance is good, on the contrary, the fermentation time is short, equipment weeks faster, but higher alcohols, aldehydes and other by-products generation also is big, the beer taste is a bit poor, precipitation and low temperature fermentation of yeast.


The hotel equipment, how to adjust beer wort cooling temperature.

1, in fact, the bottom yeast fermentation temperature within 8 to 12 degrees are normal, therefore, in addition to some requirements on high quality of beer, in guarantee under the premise of good composition and yeast extract performance, wort cooling temperature can be appropriately increased, so that we can without affecting beer quality premise to speed up the turnover of equipment, increase production.

2, beer production peak season, in order to speed up the turnover of fermentation equipment, increase production, wort cooling temperature can be appropriately high some, such as control in 9.0 to 10 degrees Celsius or higher, on the other hand, in principle, should be controlled.

3, when the additive extract method is used to add wort or into conical taper, cooling temperature is lower, and appropriately raise the next batch of wort cooling temperature.

4, the traditional craft of fermentation room temperature is lower, fermented liquid heating up slowly, or yeast added quantity is little, higher algebra, fermentation performance is poor, the fermentation is slow, wort cooling temperature can be higher, lower conversely.

5, the original wort concentration is higher (14 to 16 degrees), in order to avoid the fermentation time is too long, the cooling temperature can be appropriately, such as control in 9.5-11 degrees.

6, beer brewing process requirement fermentation for a long time, the wine storage time too long high-quality beer, wort cooling temperature should be lower, can be controlled in 6.5 to 8 degrees Celsius, on the other hand can be high some, can be controlled in 8.0 9.0 degrees Celsius.

7, if the composition of wort а - amino nitrogen content is low, or the fermentable sugar content is low, the cooling temperature can control the lower, because of low temperature fermentation leveled off, can reduce some bad flavour compounds generated.