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Brewing equipment control process

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Brewing equipment control process

Release date:2016-10-19 Author:湯宸機械 Click:

Today we talk about the beer equipment for what are the specific operation process and matters needing attention. Can from the following several aspects.

1) mash copper operation process

A. add about 200 l water, heated to 37 ℃, heat preservation and start feeding - need to strictly control the temperature (+ 1);

B. after feeding, static 20 min, start heating to 50 ℃, insulation 40-45 min, and record time;

C. continue heating to 58 ℃, insulation 50 to 60 min, recording time;

D. heated to 68 ℃, 40 min insulation, recording time;

E. the most heated to 78 ℃, ready to enter a bad.

Brewing equipment control process

2) about bad operation process

A. saccharification good barley malt, before entering the about bad machine, must check whether the pipeline position correctly, can feed;

B. the feed at the same time, it is necessary to open the saccharification and tillage to stir, to feed, close the valve, the precipitation after 15 min, began to filter; Cleaning and mash tun, and add water to wash water. It takes about 90-120 min.

C. filtration control of the pump, began to inner loop filter, after waiting for visual wort reaches a certain requirements;

D. boiling pot valve opening in the past, pay attention to the filtration velocity (visual)

E. to head wort filtration, join to wash bad water, continue to filter, add to boiling pot.

F. mash tun at the same time continue to 150 l of water, heated to boiling, for wort cooling equipment and yeast can use disinfection sterilization operation.

3) the boiling process

A. to head the wort and bad fluid into the boiling pot, heat to 105 ℃.

B. stay wort boiling, must turn off the heating, make it stop boiling, joined the bitter spend 80 g, then began to heat; For 60 min; (must stop heating, otherwise you will serious bubble)

C. stay at the end of the boiling time, must turn off the heating, make it stop boiling, joined the fragrant hops 120 g, heat in 5 min, step into the next process. (must stop heating, otherwise you will serious bubble)

The process of no. 4) wort cooling and yeast is added

A. check the pipe connection, with mash tun boil water for wort cooling equipment, disinfection and sterilization. Need to pay attention to sterilization, fermentation tank from the next to the line, need to determine pipeline connection port connection stability, meaning the hot water jet. Pump to keep half-open state.

B. stay after sterilization, open the tap water, first half open pump, cooling water, cooled wort, for wort cooling stable, close and cooling water pump, to join the activation of yeast, open cooling water and the pump, to extract into the certain time, began to oxygen and use oxygen to all remaining wort fermentation tank or not. All the joints need 95% alcohol sterilization.

C. cleaning equipment. The next time.

5) fermentation process operation process

A. determination of wort concentration, regulate the fermentation tank temperature of 11 ℃ - 12 ℃ between. Open the drain valve properly drain the next day.

B. stay wort concentration reaches 4 bx, filling and sealing, continue to ferment, temperature control of 12-13 ℃.