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How to choose the high cost performance of beer brewing equipment

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How to choose the high cost performance of beer brewing equipment

Release date:2016-10-19 Author:湯宸機械 Click:

In recent years, craft beer hot let some homebrew brewed to commercial success, business his way will be through the professional equipment to ensure the stability of quality and production stability. Brewed equipment development has been in China for more than ten years, there have been peaks also had depressed, after 2000 years of type after the downturn in the precipice, 03 recovery gradually, such as not 07, 08 years of the American financial crisis, the market will recover faster. Similar situation in 2015 and 1999, 1999 across the country hundreds of craft beer equipment manufacturers, jinan alone has more than 40, tanks, drinks, dairy products processing enterprise this year began to transition to craft beer industry, jinan also recover from several manufacturers from 10 to 30 beer equipment factory, Shanghai, ningbo, wenzhou, and other places also have more than 30 beer equipment factory, the introduction to the market threshold is low, a sales person to find a OEM manufacturer can start a company, a production team leader to find a foreign trade company also can leave factory, churning out too much, of course.

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How to choose the high cost performance of beer brewing equipment

Market better, many actors to join, this market is both fascinating and bloody. For equipment buyers, a set of equipment ranging from tens to hundreds of thousands of 10, is a big investment, and if there are any quality issues when there is no after-sales service manufacturer's cruelty, regret too late, that a few words always so sharp that you get what you pay for!

1. Pay attention to see the equipment the use of material, it is very important, a set of 500 l brewed beer equipment from 670 thousand to 4.5 million are in the market, why the gap is so big, once asked equipment suppliers and customers, said they commonly used health grade 304 stainless steel. But it is not, the small manufacturers in order to get the order, continuously reduce prices, equipment material also changed at the same time, it should have been the ultimate use of 304 304 or 201, the impact on the service life of equipment is very big, but the quality of the brewed wine, so buy six or seven universal 500 l beer equipment mostly do not accord with standard of the beer.

2. Look at the craft beer equipment control system, a set of equipment control system, is similar to the human brain, it is very important also, pure manual and automatic equipment, can double in price. A set of equipment worth $1 million in Germany, its control system can stand for 600000, therefore, is enough to see the importance of a set of control system.

3. The last point is to see the service equipment suppliers, because we buy is not only a product, and service. Problems in the equipment operation, timely and quickly solve for us, this is the high efficiency after-sale service team. If the service is not timely, losses to clients is immeasurable. For example, our full of beer fermentation tank, this time our refrigeration equipment stop working once appear problem, so, we might spoil the beer. So the service is very important in a timely manner.